Delivering measurable and relevant data through reality capture.

Pi Squared’ photogrammetry service delivers spatially accurate point cloud data for use by architects, engineers and construction professionals. We achieve centimeter grade accuracy by ensuring correct ground sampling distance and the use of full frame image sensors. Our industrial drones are equipped to provide real time kinematic data (RTK), a satellite navigation technique used to improve accuracy. We further add to the accuracy through use of ground control points (GCP’), as a post processing data correction measure , ensuring the most accurate data is delivered.

Through generated point cloud data contractors can easily extract digital elevation models (DEM’), providing information such as height profiles across project sites, making it possible to gain insights such as volume for cut and fill calculations. Contractors can further reduce costs and time by removing the need for heavy and costly access equipment to take measurements, often in high and difficult to reach places. Drones have simplified access, made improvements to safety and reduced costs, a true game changer for the built environment.

Compare over time and overlay CAD drawings

Engineers, contract managers and site staff can easily analyze overlaid CAD files at any stage of the project allowing for accurate tracking of progress and mitigation of potential errors whilst providing greater transparency and stakeholder engagement.

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